Towards completion

It would be wise to inform yourself at an early stage about the procedure concerning the conferral of the Doctorate and read the information carefully. The whole procedure takes about six months. Please note that this website only provides a summary. You can view the complete doctorate regulations via this link. The English version starts at page 29. Please note: this document refers to the Secretary of the Council of Deans. This is the same person as the registrar or beadle. On this website we use the term registrar.

The thesis

The doctorate regulations contain detailed guidelines for the thesis, including an example for the title page.

It is possible to assign an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your doctoral thesis to make it more searchable. You can apply for an ISBN via

Costs for (partly) translating the thesis

The costs for translating or editing of a PhD thesis can be funded by different schemes.

1) from the budget for research and training costs. If this budget is exhausted, the PhD candidate can submit in advance a request to the section chair for having the costs of translation/editing paid by the section of the department.

2) the faculty language check on English is also an option. You can find more information here:

The PhD student is free to choose an agency him/herself in order to get the thesis translated. Within the Radboud University there is also a translation service that can be used: Radboud In’to languages.

Printing costs and reception after the ceremony

If your graduation is at Radboud University the printing costs of your thesis will be reimbursed to a maximum of 2.200 euro. For the reception the Faculty of Law contributes up to a maximum of 500 euro. In both cases you can fill in a declaration form with the inclusion of the original proof of payment. To do so, please contact the Financial Administration:

SteR Series

More information can be found on the SteR website, if you would like to publish your PhD thesis within the SteR Series.