Michelle van Haren receives Christine Mohrmann Stipend

Date of news: 25 March 2021

Ten female PhD students will receive the Christine Mohrmann Stipend today, on 25 March. The aim of the scholarship is to encourage the researchers to continue their scientific career after the completion of their dissertation. The grant enables them to spend a period of time at another, preferably foreign, university. During the festive online presentation, the stipentees present their research in the presence of the rector magnificus, deans and supervisors. The stipend, worth € 5,000 per person, is awarded on behalf of the Faculty of Law to Michelle van Haren, PhD candidate of the department of Business Law.

Michelle van Haren’s research focuses on the competencies of corporate bodies and works councils during formal insolvency proceedings. The division of powers and competencies between the insolvency practitioner and the corporate debtor’s bodies (board of directors, supervisory board, shareholders’ meeting) is not defined by Dutch statutory law, which can cause frictions. By providing a fundamental legal analysis and adopting a comparative legal perspective, this research aims to provide solutions for the questions arisen in Dutch corporate insolvency law and practice.

Van Haren wants to use the stipend for a stay at the University of Oxford (UK) where research will be conducted into English corporate insolvency law, in particular the law relating to the position of the company during the insolvency proceedings. This research will consist of a literature and jurisprudence review, an examination of legislation, regulations and parliamentary documents, and conducting interviews with English academics and insolvency practitioners.