Reimbursement for Creating a Workspace at Home

Date of news: 15 October 2020

Due to the coronavirus we have been working at home for quite some time, and for the time being, it doesn’t look like this is going to change. It is therefore important to take a good look at your workspace at home. That is why you have been given the opportunity to borrow office equipment and furniture for use at home. It is not possible to provide the occupational health and safety support we have at Radboud University at home, but the information page on working from home during the coronavirus pandemic contains tips for working from home in a healthy and sustainable way as much as possible.

Reimbursement for the Workspace at Home

Are you unable to sufficiently equip your home office with the furniture and other items you can borrow? Do you require additional workspace provisions? You can purchase and claim additional items for a maximum amount of €250. The following items are not considered additional workspace provisions:

  • IT hardware: These will be made available by the university if necessary.
  • Reimbursement of telephone expenses.

Please note: For tax reasons, exceeding this amount of €250 is not allowed, not even if you bear the additional costs yourself.

Submitting Claims

You can claim the amount spent in BASS under “onkostendeclaraties” (expense claims). On the second screen, choose “thuiswerkplekvergoeding” (reimbursement for the workspace at home) under “onkostensoort” (expense type) (see here (pdf, 227 kB) (pdf, 227 kB) what it looks like in BASS). Keep in mind that you have to send the receipt of purchase digitally.


Do you have any more questions about this? Please contact your personnel officer or your supervisor.