Faculty of law
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Academic education

In addition to research, the institute is also engaged in academic education. The institute is responsible for (research) master’s programmes dedicated to business law. The students take courses in for example contract law, company law, secured transactions law, insolvency law, banking law, and legal English. A distinctive and appealing characteristic of these masters is that they include an internship at one of the affiliated law firms or multinationals. The institute’s partners are affiliated with at least one of the masters. One of the masters is especially designed for students who aspire a career in commercial law practice; the research master is particularly designed for students who also aspire an academic career. Information on these two masters is available in Dutch via the following links: Duale master Onderneming & Recht and Onderzoeksmaster Onderneming & Recht. A third, international master’s programme is currently being developed.

In addition to being engaged in these masters, a significant number of our researchers is lecturer at the Law Faculty’s Departments of Civil Law, Company Law, Legal History or Social law.

A large number of our researchers teach courses to practicing lawyers at the Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPO), which offers continuous education, and the Grotius Academie, which offers specialization programmes.

Lastly, the institute participates in the Graduate School for (international) PhD candidates in the international PhD programme.