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Book Launch: 'Governance of financial institutions'

Date of news: 22 May 2019

On Tuesday 14 May the book 'Governance of financial institutions', edited by professor of Financial Law Danny Busch, professor of Governance of Financial Institutions Guido Ferrarini, and professor of Company Law Gerard van Solinge, was presented. The event was organised by the Commercial Law Centre at Harris Manchester College and The Business & Law Research Centre.

governance of financial institutions

At the launch a number of speakers, including Professor Luca Enriques, Professor John Thanassoulis, Simon Gleeson, Professor Guido Ferrarini and Professor Danny Busch, spoke on topics arising from the book. Particular attention was paid to aspects of firm culture, the subject of Part IV of the book. Indicia of “good” culture, capable of some degree of measurement by researchers, were identified and discussed. Attention then turned to whether such facets of corporate culture could be meaningfully regulated by law, and the potential for perverse incentives to arise from such regulation. There was agreement that this aspect of bank governance was undoubtedly highly significant in practice, and that further research could usefully build upon the foundations laid by Governance of Financial Institutions to illuminate the options available to policymakers.

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