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Danny Busch and Arthur van den Hurk present guest lectures in Genoa (Italy) on the European regulation of financial markets

Date of news: 18 February 2020

Recently Danny Busch (Professor of Financial Law) and Arthur van den Hurk (Fellow at the Financal Law Centre and Senior Legal Counsel at AEGON) presented a few guest lectures to Financial Law masters students at the University of Genoa (Italy).

They also recorded some web lectures in Genoa. The web lectures are part of EU Financial Markets and Insurance Regulation (EUFIMAR), a course directed by Professor Michele Siri at the Law Department, University of Genoa. Professor Siri received a Jean Monnet grant from the European Commission for the development of the European Union Financial and Insurance Markets Regulation web lecture series as part of the EUFIMAR chair teaching and research program.

View the lectures by Danny Busch and Arthur van den Hurk below: