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Danny Busch co-organises UCL’s seminar ‘Private Law and Financial Justice’

Date of news: 23 July 2019

On 25 September University College London (UCL) will host the seminar ‘Private Law and Financial Justice’. The seminar will be co-organised by Professor of Financial Law Danny Busch. Busch will also be speaking at the event, on the topic of ‘Swaps ligitation in Europe’.

This seminar brings together experts in the United Kingdom and European Union Busch-v-kleinto discuss the ongoing concerns relating to financial justice for individuals and whether these are sufficiently addressed in financial law and regulation. The Financial Conduct Authority consulted on a duty of care earlier in 2019 and has published a response that arrived at no conclusive policy steps forward. The concerns in financial justice range from the adequacy of protection in common law and regulation to access to justice. The panel, consisting of Danny Busch, Professor of Commercial Law Gerard McMeel (University of Manchester) and Richard Samuel of law firm ‘3 Hare Court’, will offer their thoughts on these concerns in light of their recent work.

The seminar ‘Private Law and Financial Justice’ will take place at Bentham House on the UCL Campus in London. The event is open to all interested applicants. Fill in your registration form on the following page.