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Danny Busch and Kitty Lieverse speak at the EBI Global Annual Conference

Date of news: 14 March 2018

Professors of Financial Law Danny Busch and Kitty Lieverse both delivered a lecture at the EBI Global Annual Conference on Banking Regulation, which was held at the Goethe University in Frankfurt on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 February 2018. EBI, the European Banking Institute, is an international center for banking studies resulting from the joint venture of Europe’s preeminent academic institutions.


The conference in Frankfurt was jointly organized by the Goethe University and the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS). The title of Busch’ presentation was Towards Single Supervision and Resolution of Systemically Important Non-Bank Financial Institutions in the European Union?Lieverse, together with Bart Joosen (Vrije University) and Matthias Lehmann (University of Bonn), gave the lecture Towards a bifurcated European banking law.


Please visit the EBI website for more information and the full programme.