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Guest lectures by André Janssen in Machester and Verona

Date of news: 19 February 2020

Professor of Private Law André Janssen will present several guest lectures abroad at the end of February. Janssen will visit the University of Manchester on 20 February and the University of Verona from 24 until 27 February.

Janssen was invited to give a speech at Manchester University on 20 February about 'Artificial intelligence in civil liability regimes: do we need to grant them legal personhood?'. As artificial intelligence is evolving and becoming increasingly autonomous, the question arises whether legal system should grant them legal personhood. In this speech professor Janssen argues that one should be cautious to make such a great change and that in general the actual private law suffices to deal with the legal issues around artificial intelligence.

From 24 until 27 February Janssen will be a guest professor at Verona University to teach the course 'Foundations of Comparative Law'. He will deal with numerous aspects of Comparative Law, such as the methodology and function of comparative law and the common law – civil law divide. The latter will be illustrated by using some examples such as the contractual remedy system.