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Michael Veder and Anne Mennens appointed to the Insolvency Law Committee

Date of news: 3 May 2019

Benoeming commissie insolventierecht Veder MennensProfessor of Civil Law, in particular insolvency law, and also vice-dean of research, Michael Veder has been appointed by Minister Dekker as chairman of the Insolvency Law Committee. Anne Mennens (PhD) becomes deputy secretary of the Insolvency Law Committee. The new committee's task is to advise the government on legislation in the field of bankruptcy law, suspension of payment and the legal debt rescheduling scheme for natural persons (WSNP). The committee's recommendations are of a legal technical nature, with particular attention being paid to the usefulness of legislation for legal practice.

"I am very honored by this appointment," says Veder. "I am looking forward to making a contribution together with the other members of the committee to a solid insolvency framework in the Netherlands." The insolvency law committee consists of eight members. The other members are: Dr. B.J. Engberts, counselor; Dr. F.A. van Tilburg, lawyer; drs. J.C.A.T. Frima, examining magistrate; S. Jansen, lawyer; Prof. T.H.D. Struycken, professor of European property law; W.J.M. van Andel, curator and prof. dr. W.G.M. Holterman, professor of Business Valuation.