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PhD defense Alberto Musso Piantelli: 'Managing banking crises in Europe after the Great Crisis'

Date of news: 28 January 2021

On Wednesday 20 January 2021, Alberto Musso Piantelli successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at Radboud University, entitled 'Managing banking crises in Europe after the Great Crisis'.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this study explores the law and practice of governing banking crises within the borders of the European Union. Musso Piantelli illuminates how recent EU legislation applies in practice, pointing out strengths, limitations and possible developments for the future.

The manuscript committee consisted of Victor de Serière (Radboud University), Bart Bierens (Radboud University), Christos Gortsos (University of Athens), Seraina Gruenewald (Radboud University) and Andrea Perrone (Catholic University Milan). Danny Busch (Radboud University) and Guido Ferrarini (University of Genoa and Radboud University) served as Musso Piantelli’s supervisors.

See the table of contents of the book.