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Reinhard Bork and Michael Veder present 'Harmonisation of Transactions Avoidance Laws' at INSOL Europe's annual congress

Date of news: 1 April 2022

At INSOL Europe’s annual congress, professors Reinhard Bork and Michael Veder presented the book 'Harmonisation of Transactions Avoidance Laws' to the president of INSOL Europe, Frank Tschentscher.

This book is the result of a European-wide intensive research project with the help of national reporters. The project’s unique principle-based approach has led to a thorough, innovative and highly qualitative analysis of national rules on the avoidance or nullification of legal acts which have been performed prior to the opening of insolvency proceedings.

The authors propose a harmonised transactions avoidance law for the EU. Harmonisation of these rules would significantly improve cross-border business, insolvency proceedings, and restructuring. The research is based upon principles that are supporting and shaping transactions avoidance law in all Member States. By doing so, the book constitutes a foundation for harmonisation of very different regulations of the EU Member States, thereby shaping the future of EU insolvency law.