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Thomas Keijser publishes second edition of 'Transnational Securities Law’

Date of news: 4 March 2022

1 March 2022 saw the publication of the second edition of 'Transnational Securities Law', edited by Thomas Keijser, senior researcher at the Radboud Business Law Institute.

This second, revised edition of 'Transnational Securities Law' brings together a team of globally renowned academics and practitioners and provides a comprehensive analysis of the international and European legal framework for holding and trading securities. The volume focuses on private law, international private law and insolvency law, discusses financial collateral and enforcement, and provides clear guidance on recent developments in the fields of regulation and technology.

The book pays close attention to the issue of regulatory intervention in the wake of the global financial crisis and to the impact of technological innovations on securities markets, with a particular focus on blockchain and other forms of distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and crypto assets. Among other things, it addresses investor protection, the custody and trading of digital assets, and provides guidance on the evolution from legacy technology to a landscape increasingly marked by the deployment of a variety of DLT solutions.

The book provides insight into the latest developments in securities law and gives practical guidance for use by securities practitioners.