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Veerle Colaert has been appointed Radboud Excellence Initiative Professor

Date of news: 11 September 2018

Professor Veerle Colaert (KU Leuven University) has been appointed Radboud Excellence Initiative Professor in relation to the research project 'Regulating Finance in a Post-Sectoral World'. In the context of this project she and professor of Financial Law Danny Busch of the Institute for Financial Law will apply a new research method to European Financial Regulation.

Whereas banking, securities and insurance regulation are usually considered as separate research fields, the research project will compare the regulation applicable to each of these sectors. Very similar problems often indeed get a different regulatory solution in the different sectors. In a financial industry characterized by a blurring of the traditional sectors, this results in numerous inefficiencies. The research project intends to chart and explain the similarities and differences in regulation between sectors in order to decide, in a second stage, what differences are justified in view of the different economic functions or the different goals of the regulation, and what differences are on the contrary arbitrary. The final goal of the research is not only to draft a number of proposals to improve European financial regulation, but also to provide new insight into this field for legal practitioners in the financial industry.

colaert, veerleVeerle Colaert holds the chair for Financial law at KU Leuven University. She is a member of the Stakeholder Group advising the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), of the Sanctions Committee of the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), and of the board of directors of the Belgian section of the European Association for Bank and Financial Law.

On 15 and 16 October 2018 Veerle Colaert and Danny Busch organize an international conference in Nijmegen, 'Financial Regulation: Leveling the Cross-Sectoral Playing Field', where the researchers involved in the project will present and discuss their provisional research results with international academics and stakeholders working in the field.

> Programme of the conference (pdf, 96 kB)