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Willem van Boom appointed professor of Civil Law

Date of news: 14 December 2021

Willem van Boom has been appointed professor of Civil Law at the Radboud University Faculty of Law with effect from 1 January 2022. Van Boom is a leading researcher and was previously a professor in Leiden, Rotterdam, Durham and Tilburg. The Faculty Board is therefore very pleased that Van Boom is joining the Nijmegen staff.

Van Boom studies private law in the socioeconomic context. His research and teaching cover private law in a broad sense and he is an expert in comparative law and the methodology of private law research. Van Boom looks for connections with other disciplines in order to better interpret and analyse private law. He is particularly interested in multidisciplinary research into the origins and operation of private law in the ‘real world’ - which is why he regularly collaborates with researchers from the social sciences and humanities.

"I prefer to ask my students questions I don't have answers to myself. Their answers advance legal studies. I'm convinced of that," says van Boom

About Willem van Boom

Willem van Boom (Koog aan de Zaan, 1969) studied Law at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his doctorate in 1999 from the Katholieke Universiteit Brabant (now Tilburg University) with a thesis titled ‘Hoofdelijke verbintenissen’ (Joint and several liability). Since 2002, he has been a professor at Tilburg University, Erasmus University and Durham University. Since August 2014, van Boom has been affiliated with the Institute of Private Law of Leiden University as a professor of Civil Law.

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