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Research projects & PhD research

PhD research

  • Francesco Bassi - Direct horizontal effect of the EU fundamental freedoms and the interests of private parties
  • Luc Buitelaar - Non-performing loans
  • Pierre Debaty - Seigniories and seigniorial rights in Belgium from 1814 until today
  • Katerina Demetzou - Data protection impact assessment
  • Rabea LingierDiscrimination against foreign business establishments in the field of taxation
  • Michelle Liu - Digital vulnerabilities in European and Chinese private law
  • Maarten Klink - Private law in Medieval Political Thought: The legal concept of prescription
  • Zsa Zsa Knödler - A Green Mandate for Central Banks: the role of central banks in the transition to a low carbon economy
  • Yelyzaveta Markova - Anonymity and authenticity on online platforms
  • Marlinde Nannings - Initial Coin Offerings
  • Hannah Nguyen - The balance between transparency and confidentiality of proceedings in the Investment Court System under the new EU approach and the proposal for a Multilateral Investment Court
  • Giovanna NittiThe enforcement of corporate codes of conduct in the frame of ancillary regulation
  • Naomi Reijn - Renumeration of the management board, especially in times of fundamental changes to a company, in the context of the Dutch stakeholder model
  • Kate Surala - MiFID II – An innovation driver or yet another red tape?
  • Patrick van de Ven - Bail-in: practical perspectives
  • Tom VennmannsAccess to justice in times of technological acceleration: a study on the possible impact of digitalization of civil justice in the context of debt collection procedures of SMEs in Germany and the Netherlands
  • Niels Vermunt - Floating security interests
  • Ciska Wisman - The tax treatment of cross-border dividend payments: towards an EU-proof model

Full list of ongoing PhD research (in Dutch)