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Digital Markets in the EU

2nd Radboud Economic Law Conference

9 June 2017

Faculty of Law, Radboud University Nijmegen

General Information

One of the goals of the Commission is the realisation of a digital single market in the EU. To date, however, the Commission has taken a piecemeal approach by harmonising different areas of law in the digital single market. Roaming costs should, for example, be abolished in 2017. Furthermore, the Commission is currently also working on a new set of rules on intellectual property rights to meet the challenges of this digital area. In the area of public procurement law there are also initiatives in order to stimulate e-procurement. The Commission is, however, not only proposing legislation to create one single market. In the competition law area, there are also major developments, such as the e-commerce sector inquiry, which also forms part of the digital single market strategy of the Commission.

Divergences between the different measures which the Commission takes to achieve this digital single market may occur. Therefore, one single coherent approach is necessary. During this international conference, the challenges which the creation of a digital single market raise will be discussed. Is there merely a piecemeal approach or can one find a coherent idea behind the different (harmonisation) measures? In what way, can various areas of law be used to achieve this digital single market? Are there any conflicts between the various relevant areas of law that may be identified? Is enforcement by competition law means suitable to tackle the challenges of the digital era?

These are only some of the questions on which we invite interested parties (practitioners, judges, academics, etc) to brainstorm during this one-day International Conference: ‘Digital Markets in the EU’, organized by the Law Faculty of Radboud University Nijmegen, on 9 June 2017. The conference will be organised  in two sessions (morning & afternoon) and it will feature keynote speeches by:

  • Hans Vedder, Professor of Economic Law at University of Groningen and
  • Emile Schmieman, Seconded Expert, Cabinet of Andrus Ansip, Vice-President of the European  Commission for the Digital Single Market and Assistant Professor, Business and Law Research Centre, Radboud University.

The papers accepted for presentation during this session will be discussed in detail by Prof. Antoon Quaedvlieg, Professor of Private Law, in particular Commercial and Economic Law, Industrial Property and Copyright at Radboud University and lawyer at KLOS C.S., Prof. Johan van de Gronden, Professor of European Law and vice-dean of the Faculty of Law, Radboud University, and Prof. Wolf Sauter, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets and Professor of Economic Law at Tilburg University.

Call for Papers

We invite interested parties, practitioners or members of the academic community to submit proposals for papers for this International Conference. More information on the call for papers may be found by clicking here or on the link on the left panel in the menu.

Registration and Payment

More information on registration, payment and the NOVA points to be awarded for participating in this conference is available by clicking here or on the link on the left panel in the menu.