Mission and strategy

The public law-oriented Research Centre for State and Law (SteR) is part of the Faculty of Law at Radboud University. The Nijmegen Law Faculty has seven public law and meta-juridical departments who all participate in SteR. SteR research explores the developments in the field of public law, in particular the relation between law and the state.

SteR attaches significant value to the interaction between research, education and legal practice. Conducting high-quality fundamental research is pivotal in this respect. This cross-fertilisation between research, education and legal practice can produce new insights relevant to both academia and the legal practice.

SteR researchers focus on describing, analysing and problematising:

  • The significance of the foundations underlying the national legal order.
  • The national legal order’s interaction with other legal orders, in particular the influence of European and international law in an emerging multi-layered legal order.
  • The role of public law in a context of shifting roles of public authorities in a changing public domain.

SteR research is characterised by:

  • The broad scope of its legal-dogmatic approach, with a strong emphasis on research relevant for legal practice;
  • A legitimate place for meta-juridical research, based on the premise that conceptual and empirical analyses can be necessary for proper legal dogmatic research;
  • A balance between national and international legal research, with a legitimate place for national legal research strengthened by comparative law.

SteR research is conducted within four research programmes:

  • I. Founding principles & fundamental rights

  • II. Interaction between national & international law

  • III. Conflict resolution institutions

  • IV. Migration & citizenship