Conducting a PhD at SteR

Did you finish your (research)master and are you sure that you want to continue with research in the field of public law? Doing your PhD at SteR might be an option for you.

As a PhD researcher you conduct academic research at a high level. You are able to investigate a legal problem thoroughly. You work on your thesis under the supervision of your supervisor(s), usually a professor. This will enable you to develop yourself as the expert in your field. By conducting a PhD you will obtain the much desired title in the academic world: you will become doctor (dr.). PhD candidates at SteR are also involved in teaching. This also ensures an interaction between research and education leading to a widening and deepening of knowledge. Other activities for PhD researchers include participation in (international) conferences and seminars and following post-academic education.

To be able to obtain a PhD, you must at least have a Masters degree of equivalent. To obtain a position as a PhD candidate you can apply for an official vacancy. Most vacancies can be found on Radboud University's website or on Academic Transfer.

Graduate School

SteR also welcomes external PhD candidates. For more information on how to become a Phd candidate, please visit the website of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law (GSL). GSL aims to be an inspiring environment for future researchers by preparing them for their tasks in academia or elsewhere. GSL coordinates training activities, collects and disseminates information, organizes events and activities and tries to promote communication between the research centres, their PhD candidates, the supervisors and the faculty management.

Research Master

A good preparation for the SteR PhD programme is the (NVAO accredited) Research Master in Public Law (in Dutch), which is offered by the Radboud University in collaboration with the University of Groningen and VU University Amsterdam.

More information

Do you want to know more about conducting a PhD at SteR? Please contact the Research Centre or the coordinator of the Graduate School.