About the Nijmegen Principles 2021

The Principles and Guidelines, in paragraph 1, list State obligations in urgent adjudication, confirming that compliance by States with these obligations is required by international law. Paragraph 2 gives recommendations on good institutional practices. In paragraph 3 a number of approaches and good practices are presented, based on the actual practices of the various international adjudicators. These are aimed at improving the legitimacy and implementation of interim measures decisions by international adjudicators and the protective value of such decisions. Finally, paragraph 4 lists guidelines that could assist lawyers to play their role effectively.

The listing of state obligations in paragraph 1 of the Principles and Guidelines is a restatement of existing law, while the approaches and good practices in paragraph 3 should be further developed and applied by international adjudicators themselves in light of the specific (legal) context of the matters submitted to them, and without pressure by States.