André Janssen and Pietro Ortalani receive Erasmus+ grant for law and technology project

Date of news: 18 July 2019

Radboud University is part of a consortium of institutions that has been awarded an Erasmus+ grant. The grant will fund a law and technology project titled “TechLa”, undertaken by Radboud together with the Catholic University of Lyon, the University of Krakow, the University of Lodz and the University of Eastern Piedmont. Prof. Andre Janssen and Dr. Pietro Ortolani, who were involved in the project since the drafting stage, will be responsible for the local project implementation.

The main purpose of the project is to involve the students in a series of “learning by doing” activities, on topics at the crossroads between law and technology. The project, which relies not only on academic institutions but also on a network of national courts, bar associations, law firms and tech companies, will be based on a case-study, touching upon the legal challenges of new technologies. Teams of students from the participating institutions will conduct research and prepare written submissions and oral pleadings, in a simulated but realistic environment. The involvement of high-profile tech companies will ensure a close connection with the reality in the field. Each year, the project will culminate in a Spring School, bringing the students together with the different stakeholders involved. TechLa will run for the next three years.

Contact person: Pietro Ortolani