Do you have to resit an exam?

Date of news: 24 May 2023

We hope you will be very successful in preparing and taking your exams, but in case you have to resit an exam, please be reminded about the following:

  • International students are automatically registered for the first attempt but are NOT automatically registered for re-sit exams. Unfortunately, international students cannot register themselves in Osiris for re-sits.
  • Therefore, if you would like to register for a resit exam, please send an email to: so we can register you on your behalf. You have to inform us at least 6 working days before the date of the re-it exam. This deadline is very strict and if you miss it, you can’t participate!
  • At the same time, please make sure to carefully read any information regarding the resit provided by the course coordinators in Brightspace. They might have specific registration procedures for the re-sit especially in the case of oral re-sits. Be sure you follow these instructions as well.
  • If you do not want to participate in an exam, we would like to ask you to please notify us as well. If you do not participate in the first exam opportunity, you’ll only have one chance left to pass the exam.
  • The exam schedule can be found via our website and the locations and times are also visible in your (personal) schedules.
  • If the resit opportunity is not mentioned in the schedule, it means that the department will organize a resit by themselves and more information will be provided via Brightspace.