Extracurricular activity on smart contracts and digital dispute resolution

Date of news: 3 September 2019

Logo JurProf. André Janssen and Dr. Pietro Ortolani have secured a collaboration with Jur, a Swiss company developing new solutions for smart contract creation and online dispute resolution. The idea for the partnership has been developed by Prof. André Janssen and Dr. Pietro Ortolani together with Mr. Alessandro Palombo, the CEO of Jur. Students from the Nijmegen Law Faculty will also be invited to participate in the collaboration.

Thanks to this cooperation, Radboud University will be the first academic institution in the world to test Jur’s “Open Layer model”, a software system for smart contract creation and online dispute resolution. Technology is increasingly attracting the attention of legal academics; very rarely, however, is the practical reality of this rapidly evolving field integrated into the learning activities of law students. By making such a live test possible, Radboud University and Jur will fill the gap, bringing the students at the forefront of legal innovation.

The test will be an extracurricular activity, to which all students from the Faculty of Law will be invited to participate on a voluntary basis. It will form part of Jur’s “Lab for New Justice” program. Thanks to this initiative, the students at Radboud University will have the possibility to have a direct, first-hand experience of cutting-edge legal technology in action.

“We are pleased to start the process with Radboud University and Prof. Janssen and Dr. Ortolani, both members of our Scientific Committee. We believe in the value of involving students in the application of new technologies in a two-way perspective: giving and receiving feedback from those who will write in the near future, the new generations, is fundamental for us. Prof. Janssen and Dr. Ortolani have been amazing, showing a sensitive proactivity and we can’t wait to start this journey together”, declares Mr. Palombo.

More information on the tests will be made available shortly.

Jur website: https://jur.io

Contact person: Pietro Ortolani (p.ortolani@jur.ru.nl).