Graduation ceremony for Erasmus Mundus ILGSPD students

Date of news: 12 December 2023

On Monday 4 DeGraduation5cember, the graduation ceremony for Erasmus Mundus ILGSPD students, cohort 2021-2023, took place at the University of Glasgow. The students completed this 2-year programme on International Law in Global Security, Peace and Development last summer. During that time, they studied at three different universities: the University of Glasgow, IBEI in Barcelona and our law school in Nijmegen, earning three master's degrees.

In the morning, an informal meeting was planned with all Erasmus Mundus students, where they shared their experiences and life lessons learned during these two years. In the afternoon, the official graduation ceremony took place in Bute Hall, on the campus of the University of Glasgow. It was an impressive and inspiring day, in which the Radboud Faculty of Law was pleased to participate.

The Graduation Day was festively concluded with champagne and accompanied by the sounds of a bagpipe.