Human rights: quick fix or long haul? Join the Film and Debate Tour!

Date of news: 19 April 2021

The Long HaulAre you interested in how human rights defenders, diplomacy and film makers interact? Then join the online Human Rights Film and Debate Tour, which stops at the Law Faculty, Radboud University on 25 May, from 4-6 PM.

Bahia Tahzib-Lie, the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, and Nadja Houben, Director of Human Rights in the Picture, are visiting universities around the Netherlands to stimulate dialogue among students through a human rights film screening. Their workshop offers a great opportunity for you to critically reflect upon and interact with contemporary human rights issues.


  • 4:00-4:15 pm: Introduction of the two guests:
    • Bahia Tahzib-Lie, Dutch human rights ambassador
    • Nadja Houben, Director Human Rights in the Picture
  • 4:15-5:15 pm: Screening of the documentary The Long Haul
  • 5:15-6:00 pm: Q&A and discussion with the two guests, about the documentary and their work: human rights advocacy through the arts, on the one hand, and diplomacy, on the other hand.

The documentary The Long Haul offers insight into how the mechanisms against human rights violations have to be developed with “Patience, Persuasion and Pressure”. It shows some of the ‘(grand)parents’ of the current human rights system, including several UN Special Rapporteurs against Torture, plus it focuses on Nigel Rodley. These ‘human rights defenders in diplomacy’ vest their hope in  a new generation to continue the immediate action and the long haul.

After having watched the documentary you have the opportunity to ask the two guests any questions you have about the documentary and cultural activities Human Rights in the Pictureinvolving human rights or the work of a diplomat.

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