'Migration and Religious Freedom' by Carolus Grütters & Dario Dzananovic

Date of news: 13 April 2018

migration and religious freedomOn 9 and 10 February 2017, experts from various backgrounds joined in a seminar organized by the Centre for Migration Law, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. The seminar focused on issues culminating at the intersection of migration, law and religion. The participants aimed to identify the arguments that drive the discussion in situations presenting a conflict of state law and religious norms in the context of migration. Or, in biblical terms, is there an inherent conflict between Romans 13 (submission to governing authorities) and Matthew 25 (love the stranger), and if so, how is this conflict addressed?

In this book, Carolus Grütters and Dario Dzananovic have included the key contributions to the seminar, thematically organized around four topics: (1) Religious Social Thought; (2) Application of religious freedom; (3) Comparative analysis of religious freedom laws; and (4) Practitioners’ views.

They hope this book will crystallize the arguments and drive further discussion on the important issues resulting from the interplay of migration, law and religion.