PhD for Sjarai Lestrade: "Employment and labour exploitation"

Date of news: 20 March 2018

Where do we draw the line between bad employment and labour exploitation? Human trafficking, which includes labour exploitation, is a criminal offense according to Article 273f of the Dutch Criminal Code (Sr). The article has developed into a complicated and potentially broad offense. This research points out that the current sentence sends out a wrong message as to what is human trafficking to perpetrators, victims, but also staff of the police, the judiciary, and aid agencies. Although there should be no doubt in the fight against human trafficking, it should be cautioned that a description of the offense that is too broad forms an obstacle for migration, international cooperation, and the economic trade. This book offers an extensive analysis of Article 273f Sr and clarifies possible misunderstandings. The research concludes with recommendations for the Dutch legislator and judiciary regarding the design and interpretation of the criminalisation for human trafficking and labour exploitation. The main point is that the criminalisation of human trafficking and exploitation must be limited to what it is essentially about: a serious crime against personal freedom. Sjarai Lestrade successfully defended her dissertation "Employment and labour exploitation" on 8 March 2018.

lestarde_sjaraiSjarai Lestrade studied law and business economics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She was a junior lecturer for the Radboud Criminal law & Criminology department after that. Per November 2017 she is a professor in criminal law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and temporary Judge at the Gelderland court.