Printing becomes easier

Date of news: 13 March 2019

In March and April 2019, all multifunctionals (printers), their accompanying software, and the payment system will be replaced. New printers can be recognised via the sticker:

What’s changing?
You can purchase printing credits quickly and easily via the Skuario app. Want to print, scan, or copy on campus? From now on, you will only need to hold your student card in front of the card scanner on the multifunctional.

What do you need to do?

  1. Creating a Skuario account
    You will receive a message from Skuario at your e-mail address. It will contain an invitation to create an account. Please note: you will only be able to print or copy on campus with this Skuario account from now on. Scanning will continue to be free. Skuario is a smartphone app that allows you to purchase printing credits and view transactions. Skuario can also be accessed using a web browser.
  1. Linking your student card
    When you use the new multifunctional (printer) for the first time, you will have to link your student card to your account. You can read about how that works here. The printer that you need to select is also changing. You now need to send all your print jobs to “FollowMe”. Information on how to set this up is available in the guides on the website

Credits can be purchased using iDeal, PayPal, or credit card. It is also possible to send credits to fellow students and to create a group budget using the app. This can be useful for group assignments or student associations, for example. Students can use all the new multifunctionals on campus to print, copy, and scan.

What will happen to your old Péage credits?
Until mid-April, there will still be old multifunctionals on campus that you can use with the old system. Try to use up all your credits by then and stop purchasing more. Couldn’t use up all your credits? You can have them deposited back into your account. You can do this from March 20 until June 1st via:

  • Post & Print in the Erasmus building
  • Library of Science in the Huygens building
  • Reception desk at the entrance of Elinor Ostrom building
  • Reception desk at the Spinoza building
  • Reception desk of the University Library
  • Reception desk at the Grotius building
  • Desk in the library of the Medical faculty

After June 1st, you can visit Post & Print in the Erasmus building to get a refund.