Rechtsorde not accessible

Date of news: 2 July 2021

Rechtsorde will migrate to a new version on July 1. Access to this platform is only possible by creating a personalised account. This is contrary to the applicable privacy guidelines (AVG) and university policy. That is why access has been closed for the time being.

Various groups are looking at the situation that has arisen now that the supplier has indicated that they cannot delay the migration, and that after its completion they cannot comply with the privacy guidelines that the university uses on the basis of the AVG. Pending further decision-making, Rechtsorde will therefore not be available from July 1.

Search function changes

Employees of the Law Library team and members of the library committee have recently examined the new interface of Rechtsorde. The conclusion is that the functionality has changed drastically. There are fewer specific search options available. "Advanced Search" has been discontinued. Filtering in subsequent searches is limited.

Alternative: Legal Intelligence

To compensate for the loss of scientific content, it was decided to subscribe to Legal Intelligence. It takes time to arrange access to all resources through this platform. Fortunately, an important part is now available. The University Library will urgently arrange access to the missing sources with various publishers. Until then, we recommend that you approach the missing sources directly via the databases of these publishers as much as possible.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. If the situation changes, we will of course inform you quickly.

For more information or for help in finding sources, please contact the Law Library team via