Applying for exemptions

Students with a relevant prior education may be entitled to exemptions. It is important in that regard to determine first whether any standard exemptions would apply, based on the prior education. The student advisor can inform you about this during telephone consulting hours.

  • For students with a degree in Dutch law from a sister faculty, who transfer to notarial law at Radboud University, the exemptions described in Article 140 of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) apply. You can request these standard exemptions on the basis of your degree in Dutch law in one go (assuming that you have appropriate documentation). You do not need to apply for these exemptions separately each time.
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree obtained at a sister faculty, who wish to transfer, must submit a request thereto to the Examination Committee of the Faculty of Law ( This must be accompanied by a copy of the bachelor’s degree, along with a list of grades and a ‘bachelor’s declaration for the civil effect’ from the original university. For the master in Dutch law, the request must also indicate which specialisation the student wishes to follow at Radboud University. The Examination Committee then determines whether any deficiencies first need to be resolved.

Students who have completed a propaedeutic year at a sister faculty, who now wish to transfer, must submit a request to the Examination Committee of the Faculty of Law (, along with a copy of the propaedeutic certificate and list of grades. The Examination Committee determines whether any deficiencies need to be resolved first.

Individual exemptions

It is also possible to apply for individual exemption from one or more specific courses. Students may determine on the basis of the course information which courses from their prior education correspond in terms of literature and ECTS credits with Radboud courses and ask to be exempted from these. You need to write a motivation letter identifying the Radboud courses from which you wish to be exempted. State clearly which courses in your prior education your exemption request is based on. In addition, you need to submit an individual exemption request per course using the exemption application form (docx, 22 kB). For each individual request you must attach a copy of your degree certificate or list of grades, plus relevant information (e.g. a literature list) about the course(s) on the basis of which you wish to be exempted.

NB: Exemptions granted in the propaedeutic year are not counted for compliance with the BSA norm. In other words, if a student has been exempted from a course involving, for example, five ECTS credits, then these credits are not considered for the purpose of meeting the BSA norm. Exemptions once granted cannot be reversed. So consider carefully beforehand whether you want to be exempted from a specific course.

If you apply for exemption from a course that has an essay requirement, then the exemption request applies only to the course itself. You would need to submit a separate exemption request regarding the essay (for one or more courses).

Send your letter, the request form and the related documents to the Education Office of the Faculty of Law by email to or by regular post to PO Box 9049, 6500 KK Nijmegen. You will be notified as soon as possible about the exemption(s) granted. Keep in mind that it may take longer during holiday periods to respond.

  • Exemption requests without adequate supporting documentation or incomplete exemption forms will not be considered.


If you have any questions, please contact the Education Office or use this form.