Extra examination opportunity final master's course

For students who meet all requirements for graduation after the resit examinations of the master’s programme, except the final master’s course, there is the possibility of an oral examination in this course, provided that they meet certain criteria. Please note that the Examining Board will decide the month in which the examination will take place, taking into account the rules applying to the necessary funding.

The following criteria apply for an extra examination opportunity:

  • The student must have a letter of approval for the thesis.
  • Waiting for the first next examination opportunity would mean a study delay of more than three months.
  • Having participated in the two most recent successive regular examinations.
  • A grade of 5 for one of these last two examination opportunities.

The Examining Board will announce its decision by e-mail or letter.

Please fill in the following form: Application extra examination opportunity (pdf, 144 kB)