Extra examination opportunity

A student who has adequately prepared for an examination but who is unable to take the examination due to unforeseen circumstances may be granted an extra opportunity. The starting premise is that such students must take the resit examination. An extra examination opportunity is only granted in case of special family circumstances, such as the death of a parent, brother or sister, or unforeseen hospitalization of the student. It must furthermore be clear that missing the regular examination would lead to a considerable delay in studies. The overall study progress of the student will be considered in the decision by the Examining Board.

The following criteria apply for an extra examination opportunity:

  • The special circumstances must have taken place on the day of the examination or very shortly before.
  • The request must be submitted in writing within 3 weeks after the examination that was missed.
  • The extra opportunity will only be granted if there is no regular resit within 3 months.
  • The extra opportunity must be used within 6 weeks after the regular (re-)examination.

The Examining Board will announce its decision by email.

Please fill in the following form: Application extra examination opportunity (pdf, 144 kB)