For a number of courses that the Faculty of Law offers, the education is recorded as web lectures. The web lecture policy of the faculty is as follows.

Regular bachelor and master students

For regular bachelor and master students the following applies. The lecturer decides prior to the course on one of the following three options:
1) the web lectures are made available immediately* after the oral lecture;
2) the web lectures are made available one to two weeks before the examination;
3) the web lectures are not made available.

To avoid confusion, the lecturer’s choice is announced before the start of the course on Blackboard. This choice will not be deviated from during the course. For example, if a lecturer decides to provide access to the web lecture directly after an oral lecture, then it is no longer possible several weeks into the course to provide access only shortly before the examination.

  1. Web lectures are not made available as an alternative for attendance at the oral lectures. The faculty expects students to attend all oral lectures.

Special target groups

A different web lecture policy applies for part-time students, students in dual degree programmes that involve overlap, students in the post-initial master transition programme, students with special circumstances and master students who have completed a part-time bachelor programme. These students are entitled to access to the web lectures as soon as possible* after the oral lecture.


Only in very exceptional cases may the student advisors – empowered thereto by the faculty board – decide to allow access to web lectures also to other students. In doing so, they will consider not only the circumstances involved but also the student’s study progress. The following are not regarded as exceptional cases:

  • one-time illness;
  • holiday;
  • internship;
  • a job on the side (also law-related);
  • travel time and schedule overlap when an above-average number of courses is taken against the advice of the student advisor.

*Depending on the specific date and hour of the lecture and the technical possibilities, this may be up to several days after the oral lecture.