Semester 1 (Autumn) 5 September 2022 – 27 January 2023




Criminology JUR-4CRIMENG 7
European Legal History JUR-4EURLEH 7
Fundamental Rights in Europe JUR-3FUNDRIGHTS 4
International and Comparative Copyright Law JUR-4INCOPYL 7
Institutional Law of the EU JUR-2INSTITUT 6
International Arbitration JUR-4INTARBITRAT 7
Law and Society 
A minimum of 120 ECTS required!
Philosophy of International Law JUR-4SYSRF 7
Private International Law JUR-4PRIVINT 7
Topics Typical to Dutch Law (Cancelled as from 23-24) JUR-9TOPICSDUTCH 2
Advanced exchange students only:
Principles of Finance and secured Transactions JUR-4PRINFI 7
European Financial Law JUR-4EURFINAN 7
European Law Moot Court competition JUR-4EURLMC 7
Work in the 21st century JUR-4WORK21 7

To qualify as an advanced exchange student, students have to be in the last year of their Bachelor’s or in their Master’s studies Law and have at least earned 160 ECTS in Law courses.

Advanced exchange students are allowed to take two of the following courses, which are compulsory courses in the LL.M. European Law:

Before choosing a course, please read the course description carefully and make sure you meet the prerequisites.

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