Thesis and Graduation Procedure

Requesting Master exam


The procedure for the request to graduate is as follows:

  1. When the thesis supervisor has assessed the Master thesis as sufficient, the supervisor will hand in a certificate of approval at the faculty’s student administration. The letter of approval will be visible in Osiris (tab student file) after the student administration has received it.

  2. The student administration will send you an e-mail ( on receipt containing the link to the application form for graduation.

  3. You fill out the application form. In order to do so, you need the following data:
    • Thesis supervisor’s name (first reader) and second reader.
    • Two preferred graduation dates, which have been decided with the thesis supervisor (with a minimal timespan of four weeks after the date on which you submitted the application form).
    • The course name for which you wrote the Master thesis. This course must be part of the course selection with which you graduate.

    In the application form you can indicate if you will follow the standard graduation procedure (as explained in this procedure) or the internal graduation procedure (in consultation with the International Office).
  1. The transcript will be presented to the examination board for approval after the application form has been received by the student administration. While waiting for the final thesis grade, the student administration will add a temporary result PM (MI - Memorandum Item) to your transcript, from which you will receive an automatically send e-mail by Osiris.

  2. After the examination board’s approval, your data will be transmitted to the examinations office, who will then reserve a room in the auditorium after which they will directly send you an e-mail with, inter alia, the exam date. If there is no room available in the auditorium on both the preferred dates, an examinations office employee will contact you by telephone to set up a new date.

  3. The examinations office will send you and your supervisors an e-mail with an official invitation about two weeks before the graduation date.

Application deadline

The timespan between the exam request at the examinations office and the graduation date is at least a month. You must be registered for the relevant Master at all times in order to graduate!

You need four weeks to deal with the administrative tasks.


The official Master exam consists of a discussion of the thesis with the examinations board, the ’thesis presentation’.  You are expected to be able to present the thesis subject and to discuss the recent developments (regarding literature, case-law, and practice) in the field. This meeting is usually private and will take about 45 minutes. When there is the need to have a public meeting, this is possible in consultation with the teachers. The final grade will be determined on the basis of the content of the thesis and your thesis presentation.

The examination board will reward the diploma and the transcript, containing the thesis grade, after the meeting. It goes without saying that friends and family are cordially invited to attend.

Keep this in mind

  • In order to qualify for adjudication you must meet the requirements.
  • Students may, in principle, have been excused from the programme for a maximum of 50% and they must have followed and achieved the programme at the Faculty of Law (Radboud University) for a minimum of 50%.
  • If you want to graduate in two specialisations of the same programme, you must have met all the requirements of both specialisations (including letter(s) of approval). When in doubt, ask for the relevant procedure at your student advisor.

Cum laude

The Examination Board will award the distinction “cum laude” in the event the
weighed average result of all components taken together equals or is higher than 8.0. All exams should be passed at the first exam opportunity.