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Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies

Welcome to the Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies Research Master’s programme. We are looking forward to meeting you after the summer break! To give you a smooth start we created this study start page for you in addition to the more extensive start up guide. You can also find contact information in case you’d like some help. Good luck, have a good summer and see you in September!

Questions or doubts during the summer holidays?

Because of the holidays it might be hard to arrange all details for a smooth start. Therefore we’d like to introduce you to some useful contacts who are able to help you during summer!

Kim Oyen – student advisor

The student advisor of this programme is available until 27 July and from 21 August to answer your questions.

Questions about registration/admission to the study programme?

The Faculty Admissionss Board will be there to help you during summer. For questions about Studielink, administrative matters and/or tuition fees, please contact the Central Student Desk.

Student Information Point Arts (STIP)

The Student Information Point Arts is available during working days. They can help you with questions about your schedule and course registrations. In case of more general questions the people at the STIP desk are happy to help you. The executive secretary for this study programme is Cecilia Stutvoet. Please note that during the summer period STIP has shorter open hours from 17 July until 11 August.

Study programme

In order to get a clear overview of your programme we advise you to take a look at the study guide:

You can see that the programme consists of four semesters which means 2 years of study. As of September you will start with your first semester. Within the programme you will take courses with students from all three tracks (general programme/interdisciplinary courses), courses with students from your own track (disciplinary courses) and electives which complete your individual examination programme.

In semester 1 you are expected to take the following courses in order to create a full semester (30 EC):

Our executive secretary, Ms. Cecilia Stutvoet, will register you for the compulsory courses. In addition to compulsory courses at Radboud, you have 20 EC dedicated to your individual examination programme. 5 EC of this part are scheduled for the first semester. You can choose from the following options:

  • Research Master courses at Radboud
  • Master courses at Radboud
  • Research Master courses at other Dutch universities
  • Master courses at other Dutch universities
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences offered by National Research Schools

You will receive more information about choosing electives during the course Becoming an Academic Professional.

Becoming an Academic Professional

Transferring from a BA programme to a research MA might initially seem daunting. You become part of a new cohort of graduate students from different disciplines, while you also need to make important choices regarding your individual curriculum (e.g., registering for elective modules and a national research school, doing an internship or studying abroad). The period 1 course Becoming an Academic Professional thus helps you in orienting and positioning yourself as an academic and will help you with the following topics:

  • Getting familiar with the Research Master and its programme
  • Choosing elective courses
  • National Research Schools
  • Wellbeing and resilience
  • Going abroad
  • Tutorage during the rest of your studies

Completing this course will give you a solid start towards the rest of your Research Master’s programme.

Contact information

Director of Studies:
Prof.dr. A. Van Oyen (astrid.vanoyen@ru.nl)

Programme coordinator Historical Studies:
Dr. D. Raeymaekers (dries.raeymaekers@ru.nl)

Programme coordinator Literary Studies:
Prof. dr. A. Montoya  (alicia.montoya@ru.nl)

Programme coordinator Cultural Studies:
Dr. S.A. de Laforcade (sonia.delaforcade@ru.nl)

Study counsellor:
Kim Oyen, MA (studentadvisor-hlcs@ru.nl)

Executive secretary:
Cecilia Stutvoet (secr.researchmastershlcs@let.ru.nl)