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Practical information LCS


In the course of the first semester every student may be linked to a tutor. A tutor is an experienced researcher who can help you with all study-related questions, such as making up for deficiencies in your training so far, choosing the elective courses that are best suited for your specialization, and any other questions you might have regarding opportunities in your area of interest. Tutors mostly are principal investigators, senior researchers, or postdocs. Check the websites of the Centre for Language Studies in Nijmegen or the Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication to see what research is going on and who might be appropriate for you to act as tutor. Your ideal tutor is specialized in your topic of interest and is based at your own university.

Student Advisor

Every study programme has its own student advisor. For Linguistics and Communication Sciences this is Kim Oyen. You can find more information and the module for scheduling an appointment here.

RU email

Please make sure to activate your RU email, as all important information from the university and the study programme will be sent to you via your Radboud email address as soon as your student account becomes active. Because of privacy regulations staff members have been instructed only to reply to student’s emails using their RU student email address.

Practical information Nijmegen