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Liaison Librarian for the Faculty of Social Sciences

What can the librarian do for you?

Why is there a liaison librarian?
The University Library has the academic information which is required for education and research. The librarian works actively with faculty staff and students. Due to this the library knows which academic information and services are required and together they ensure continual renewal and improvement of quality.

Information and communication
Topical information, developments and changes regarding the relay of academic information and the library's services are passed on by various means of communication and a website. Through close collaboration with staff and students the librarian knows exactly which adjustments and improvements within the library's services should be made.
New employees are personally invited for an introduction to the library location that is most relevant to them.

The librarian works in close association with the faculty's library committee. The committee consists of scientific staff and students and advises the faculty board on how to spend the budget for literature. The librarian makes sure every member of the committee receives the required information on usage and finances and maps out the gaps in the domain collections.
Requests for renewal or improvement can be made known to the librarian. Depending on the financial possibilities and the importance to education and research, the faculty's library committee will decide. Next the librarian will give you substantiated feedback.

Education and instructions on how to find information
Both general and specific academic information is available through resources and databases. Library staff can help you to make use of them. The librarian can be of assistance with regard to instructions (private and in groups) on finding academic information.

Citation analysis and literature search
Expert staff of the university library carry out citation analyses and literature search on the basis of existing databases and resources.
In cooperation with you the librarian will list your requests and if possible will see to it that your requests are complied with.

Radboud Repository
For (inter)national exposure of education and research the Radboud University has a repository. In here academic articles and theses are stored digitally, in compliance with copyright and the Executive Board's guidelines.
Please ask your librarian how you can hand in digital documents for the repository.

Copyright and the UvO Foundation
The librarian gives advice about the possibilities lecturers have for linking to scientific information in (electronic) readers within the licence arrangements with publisher and the agreements made with the UvO Foundation concerning royalty claims.