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Wireless in the Central Library
It is possible to work wireless in the Central Library. This is possible in all the rooms with an exception for the Reading Room.

Facilities for the disabled
The Central Library is accessible for persons in wheelchairs. All rooms on the various levels can be reached via the library’s staff lifts. A pass is required to use the lifts. A day pass can be obtained from the library’s doorkeeper. Public conveniences for the disabled are available on each floor.

Reading and study facilities
On the lower level (-1), in the Reading Room and in the Learning Zone there is ample seating. On the lower level (-1), you can reserve individual group rooms and pc's daily.

Photocopying, printing and scanning
Multifunctionals are located in the Learning Zone, in De Verdieping (the lower level) and at the 1st floor. With these mulltifunctionals of Konica-Minolta one can copy, print and scan.

The Central Library has its own reprographic department where you can have copies made of library materials from or made available by the University Library. For applicable rates, see University Library Rates

Instructions and tours
Group tours and library instructions by appointment. Contact us via Ask Your Librarian.