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Building the Humanities collection

Humanities collection Central Library

Acquisition coordinators of the faculties

The acquisition coordinators are part of the faculties. They coordinate and check the acquisition wishes, monitor budgets and communicate with the library.

Are you a staff member, and do you want the library to purchase one or more books?
Submit your request to the relevant acquisition coordinator.
Here is an overview of all acquisition coordinators of Humanities.


Collection specialists of the library

The collection specialists are library staff members with a broad knowledge of the designated fields of study. They monitor budgets, check purchase requests against the collection profile, communicate with the faculty via the acquisition coordinators, and ensure proper management of the collection.

Information about the collections in the Central Library.

Any questions or wishes?
Please contact the collection specialists of the Humanities library.


Library committees

The library committees are composed of staff from the faculties and of the library, and one student member. They discuss library related affairs (budgets, services, collections, policy issues) which are relevant to the faculty.

Questions about or questions for one of the library committees?
Please contact the Humanities Liaison librarian.


Shelves for course literature

In the Central Library, we offer shelves for course literature for your students. Books on these shelves are temporarily non-circulating for the duration of the course. This way, all literature remains available to all students.

You can request a shelf for course literature in two ways:

  1. Collect the books for the shelf in the library, hand them in at the Service Desk, and fill out a literature-shelf-form (available at the desk). Library staff will create the shelf.
  2. Fill out the digital literature-shelf-form. The library staff will collect the books and create the shelf.

Questions about shelves for course literature?
Please contact Team Humanities.