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Relax in corona time

Date of news: 19 May 2020


It is important to relax in between studying. That is slightly more complicated in corona time than under normal circumstances. We therefore offer you "tips and tools" to relax alone or with friends, using the following activities.

We have also listed a number of sites for you, which provide access to free e-books.

Libraries make e-books available through ThuisBieb

ThuisBieb (home library)

Dutch public libraries make 100 e-books available to everyone via the ThuisBieb App. Also for people who are not members of the Library.

Free older e-books

Older eBooks whose copyright have expired are available through various websites. For example;

Free modern e-books

  • In the Google Play Store, you will find several free books that you can read with the Google Play Books app for Android and iPad / iPhone.
  • On Smashwords, authors can publish their own books.
  • On Gratisepub.nl, you will temporarily find free Dutch-language e-books. Users place links to these digital books here.

Enjoy reading!