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Temporarily more and extension of the use of E-books and E-Journals

Date of news: 11 May 2020

Last update: May 11, 2020:

Our online service providers are working with a large number of publishers to increase access to e-books for students and university staff during the corona crisis. There are also publishers who temporarily open the E-books for which we have no rights. Other publishers provide access to more E-journals.

More concurrent users

ProQuest offers an extension of the number of simultaneous users for purchased e-books until mid-June 2020, so that more students and employees of Radboud University and Radboudumc can access the same E-book at the same time. Publishers working with EBSCO have expanded access till 30 June, 2020.

Radboud University has licenses with these suppliers for access to E-books and other online resources. Normally, many of these purchased books have a limitation on the number of concurrent users. These restrictions will not apply in the coming weeks.

ProQuest (platform: E-book Central)

EBSCO (platform: eBooks on EBSCOHost)

Temporary access E-books

Other publishers will make their E-books freely accessible in the coming period. The main ones are a number of University Presses that are part of Project Muse and Cambridge University Press (CUP). They gives free access to 700 textbooks until the end of May 2020.

619 of publisher Edward Elgar's books (pdf, 548 kB) in our printed collection have been made freely accessible as E-books for students and staff of Radboud University. The E-books will be accessible until 30 June and are particularly important for Law, Management- and Social Sciences.

Springer has temporarily made 471 textbooks (pdf, 461 kB) available until the end of July 2020.

They are:

  • 9 Free Emergency Nursing titles (German)
  • 407 Free English textbook titles (all disciplines)
  • 55 Free German textbooks titles (all disciplines)

JSTOR has temporarily provided access to over 30.000 E-books of several publishers. They named it JSTOR Expanded COVID-19 Books Collection. The number increases daily.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has 525 e-books (pdf, 173 kB) made accessible online for RU students and staff. This is the Now Foundations and Trends Technology eBooks Library.

These extra accessible E-books from Project Muse, Springer, JSTOR, Edward Elgar, CUP and IEEE can be found via RUQuest. Usually you will need to log in with your RU/RadboudUMC credentials.

E-journals temporarily available

The Microbiology Society has made all journals freely accessible on their platform www.microbiologyresearch.org. This is mostly relevant for Microbiologists and Medical Sciences.

JSTOR's journal archives have temporarily been increased, which means older volumes of JSTOR's journal collections Arts & Sciences I-XV, Business IV, Ecology & Botany II, Hebrew Journals, Ireland, Jewish Studies, Life Sciences can be accessed now.

For more information please check the JSTOR website.

JSTOR journals are integrated in RUQuest. Log in with your RU/RadboudUMC credentials.

Global actions by information service providers

Check out the general list of global actions that publishers are offering during the global corona crisis.