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Help, information and advice at our information desk!

Date of news: 31 August 2022

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If you have any questions about searching, finding or using sources in the field of law you can visit the information point on the ground floor in the Law library on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.30h until 14.30h.

Getting stuck writing your thesis? Because you are having trouble finding appropriate search terms for your research question, or because you haven't been able to retrieve enough sources? You can't find relevant literature for your essay? Do you have questions about referring according to 'OSCOLA: Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities'? Would you like to know more about searching RUQuest or Hein Online?

We can help you with these and other questions. It is also possible to make an appointment whenever you need help. We are happy to assist!

Team Law Library
Jeroen Dalstra, Sybren Liedenbaum and Henja Korsten

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