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New version Rechtsorde as of July 1, 2021

Date of news: 2 June 2021


Rechtsorde will be renewed as of July 1. The new Rechtsorde will look different from what you are used to. We will inform you further about this.

Unfortunately, alerts and files that you have created cannot be transferred to the new Rechtsorde. If you wish to save them, we recommend that you make copies and file them, for example in a Word document. According to the schedule, the Faculty of Law will switch to the new account name and e-mail address in week 25 (June 21-25). This transition also has consequences for the notifications and files mentioned above. We therefore recommend that you save your notifications and files well before June 21.

Do you have any questions regarding the above? Please contact the Law Library via inforecht@ubn.ru.nl.

We like to help you! Team Law Library