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Reserving conference rooms for students in Law Library

Date of news: 26 January 2023

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In the Law Library, the conference rooms are frequently used by students. To ensure that these rooms are used optimally, the following rules have recently been introduced.

The conference rooms can only be reserved by law students. A room can be reserved two working days in advance for a maximum of 4 hours per day. And a minimum of two people must use the room.

Reservations can be made at the service desk, after showing proof of registration in Osiris.
It is also possible to book by phone. Proof of registration in Osiris should then still be checked when checking in.

At the start time of your reservation, you should report to the service desk within half an hour. If you do not show up within that time, your reservation will be cancelled and the room will be released for other students. So make sure you arrive on time!

Should you leave earlier than the reserved time, please report this to the service desk so that the consultation room can be released again.

Do you have any questions in response to the above? Please contact the Law Library at inforecht@ubn.ru.nl or at 024- 3612518. We are happy to help you!