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Finding an e-book

A number of prescribed titles in the curriculum of FNWI is available electronically. The e-books can be referred to by students and staff 24/7. The text can be searched by chapter.

The e-books can be found via the database RUQuest:

  • Type your search terms in the text box
  • Filter your search results on the left on e-book: Format

  • ATTENTION: do not filter on location 'Library of Science', you will not find e-books! They are only visible with 'Radboud University'.
  • The button Access online directs you to the website of the publisher where you can download the book.

Access Online

tipt_be311a The following tips will make the search easier:

  • Filter on the topic of your interest
  • Filter on the desired year range
  • Search by title, for example:
  • Search by author, for example:
  • To search for exact terms in an exact order, use quotation marks, for example:
    au:"Marie Curie"

belangrijk_be311a Do not put a space between command and the search term!
Not au: turing but au:turing

Learn more about searching RUQuest? Check out this digital guide or visit us.