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The scientific publications and databases in the Library of Science support education and research in the faculty. The library coordinates the purchase of scientific information for the disciplines of interest to the Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computing Science. These are:

  • Biology and Environmental Science
  • Computing and Information Science
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

You can find all sources arranged by discipline on our subject guide.

Most journals and proceedings are only available in electronic form. Most books are only available in printed form.
The Library of Science acquires more and more e-books. A few books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books are only electronically available.
An overview of the e-books can be found on our website.

If you cannot find a book or journal in the library, tell us about it. In consultation with the Faculty Library Committee, we will examine the budget to see whether purchase is feasible. We will notify you about the decision.
The Faculty Library Committee regularly examines the satisfaction of the collection scientific literature for research and education within the Faculty of Science. Results of the 2011 research (pdf, 45 kB).

Digital collection

The digital library is accessible by staff and students directly from their workplaces in the faculty, on campus or at home. For more information about access.

You can find everything concerning searching and finding at the Faculty of Science on our subject guide.
The main databases for the FNMC disciplines are:

A complete overview of all databases.

Printed collection

The print information in the library is directly accessible by visitors and can be consulted by everyone. For borrowing books you need a library card.


Journals are not lent out. Journals can be found in alphabetical order at the disciplines in the Reading Room. A part of the journal collections is kept in the repository and can be retrieved on request.
The printed journals can not be borrowed. You will find them alphabetically by title in the box at the reading and reading table. Most magazines are only available electronically. You can view them on the available computers. The printed older volumes of journals that are not digitally accessible, standing in closed stack at the Central Library. You can request them via RUQuest.


Books can be found on subject category at their discipline in the Reading Room. All books have shelf marks. These shelf marks can be found with the information of a publication in RUQuest .