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Faculty Library Committee

The faculty library committee advises the faculty executive of Science about collection formation and supervises the funds for this purpose. The committee also plays an expressly advisory role with regard to funds that the faculty makes available for the library.

Students can contact the Faculty Student Council concerning their wishes and comments regarding the Library of Science. Of course you can also contact us directly via infobfac@ubn.ru.nl. Another option is to put your wish anonymously in our suggestion box. You will get an answer quickly.

The following persons currently hold seats on the faculty library committee:

Dr. Laurens Landeweerd Institute for Science, Innovation and Society
Dr. Daniel Wegner Institute for Molecules and Materials
Dr. Pieter Koopman

Computing and Information Science

Dr. Paul Kouwer

Institute for Molecules and Materials

Dr. Michael Mueger Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle  Physics
Prof. Dr. Jos Oomens Institute for Molecules and Materials (chairman)
Dr. Aafke Schipper Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences
Ms. Dr. Jo Zhou Institute for Molecular Life Sciences
Dr. Mara Saeli Institute for Science Education
Dr. Federico Stella Donders Centrum for Neurology
Merijn Schutgens Representing the FSC