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5 journals from MSP open access in 2023

Date of news: 7 March 2023

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The content of five journals from Mathematical Sciences Publishers will be open access this year. Anything published in 2023 will automatically be open access at no additional cost to the author(s).

It concerns the following 5 journals:

Geometry & Topology
Algebraic & Geometric Topology
Algebra & Number Theory
Analysis & PDE
Pacific Journal of Mathematics.

The deal stems from the "Subscribe to Open" (S2O) model. Under S2O, a journal puts all new content for a year directly open access at no additional cost to authors. In exchange, libraries and other institutions continue to pay their subscription fees for that year. Of course, such a deal only comes about if enough organizations continue to pay the subscription fee. You can read more about S2O on this website.

MSP is therefore also included in our open access guide where you will also find the other read and publish deals the RU/Radboudumc has with publishers.

Want to know more and/or have questions about open access? On April 18 we will give a presentation on open access publishing. Sign up through this link. On Tuesday, April 11, we will hold a short coffee lecture on Plan S.

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