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Date of news: 11 August 2022

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Below you can see an overview of a few new publications we have added to our collection. Some of these items were requested by scientists or students of the Faculty of Science. Everyone can submit acquisition recommendations at the Library of Science.

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You can find all these acquisitions in the RUQuest list ‘New acquisitions’.

The Routledge Companion to Environmental Ethics
Benjamin Hale, Andrew Light, Lydia A Lawhon

Levels of organization in the biological sciences
Daniel S Brooks, James DiFrisco, William C Wimsatt

Green pesticides handbook: essential oils for pest control
Leo M L Nollet (Editor), Hamir Singh Rathore

Introduction to polymers
Robert J Young (Robert Joseph), P A Lovell (Peter A.)

J B Ketterson, S N Song

Leveraging distortions: explanation, idealization, and universality in science
Collin Rice

Task intelligence for search and recommendation
Chirag Shah, Ryen W White

Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge
Deborah G Mayo

Dem wissenschaftlichen Determinismus auf der Spur : von der klassischen Mechanik zur Entstehung der Quantenphysik (gedrukt boek)
Donata Romizi

Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Paul Burns

The physics of graphene
M I Katsnelson

Statistical mechanics : algorithms and computations
Werner Krauth

A History of Mathematics : From Mesopotamia to Modernity
Luke Hodgkin

Statistical physics. Part 1
L D Landau, E M Lifshits, L P Pitaevskii, J B Sykes, M J Kearsley

Concrete Semantics
Tobias Nipkow and Gerwin Klein

A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking with Statistics and the Scientific Method
Daniel J. Levitin

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